Offline Writing App

Offline Writing App

This is one of those projects that starts off as a fun idea: make a web app that only works without internet. I figured it would be a fun project to also learn more about progressive, offline-first, web apps. I was also obsessed with The Most Dangerous Writing App so I combined these ideas into a writing app that only works if you disable WIFI first.

I started building it over winter break in 2018. Then... a lot of nothing. It claimed a temporary space in my GitHub project graveyard. A whole two years later, I picked it back up in a spurt to close out unfinished projects. It took a whole couple of hours to finish the offline features, redesign the interface and experience, and schedule a launch on ProductHunt. It went surprisingly well and still remains one of my more popular posts.

Behind the Scenes

Built this app using with a simple web stack that I've loved using. I used React with create-react-app to bootstrap the start, Tachyons for a design system, and GitHub Pages for hosting. No database, no state management. Keep things simple.

Lessons learned:

  • Keep things simple.

  • Finish your projects.

  • Launch and repeat.